Marianne Csáky | Jangce 1-2, 2011, planfilm, glass

Memory Lake

Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158. | floor

18 September – 18 October 2015


Kinga Bódi and Zsófia Farkas

art historian


Balázs Antal | Márta Czene | Marianne Csáky | Gruppo Tökmag | Olívia Kovács | Zsuzsa Moizer | Márk Pályi – Judit Fischer | Károly Soós – Borbála Luca Sárai | Eszter Szabó | Lilla Szász | Zsolt Tibor | Júlia Vécsei


Renátó Fehér | Judit Hevesi | Mátyás Sirokai | Balázs Szőllőssy | Péter Závada

Opening: 18 September 2015 (Friday) 18:30

Opening speech by

Katalin Aknai

art historian

The exhibition organized this summer in Szentbékkálla will again be open to visitors in a new, revitalized form at the Budapest Gallery!

Zsolt Tibor

sorry, 2015, charcoal, acrylic, aquarelle, oil pastel, paper

Everyone has memories of Lake Balaton. Or perhaps we are attached to the lake with an even stronger bond: habit. We are linked to Lake Balaton through experiences we have shared with our parents, grandparents, friends and spouses and later, as if the clocks had been rewound and started again, experiences we share with our children. It is a place the memories and associations of which accompany us throughout our lives.

Olívia Kovács

Others past, 2014–15, oil, canvas

The exhibition organized this summer in Szentbékkálla at Pegazus, a building that formerly functioned as an inn and a wine cellar, strove to show a subjective slice of Lake Balaton through the reflections of young contemporary artists and poets, presenting visions of the lake that are sometimes fragmentary, lost in the obscurity of the past, but nonetheless authentic, and thereby summoning memories both personal and collective. The works that were on view in the Balaton Highlands are now being presented in Budapest so that, with the passing of summer, we can look back on our vacations of yesteryear by the shores of the lake and recall memories of summers both recent and long passed. The current refreshed and expanded version of the exhibition will be organized in a new space, where moods, stories, and experiences of our Balaton pasts, captured in photographs and sentences lifted from postcards, will come to life in contemporary visual and verbal interpretations. Although the works included in the exhibition are highly subjective and intimate, perhaps everyone can find in them glimpses of his or her own Lake Balaton. Thus the compositions depicting a summer spent at grandma’s place at the lake, typical beach figures, or a fence with a “Beware of dog!” sign will perhaps conjure scenes familiar to everyone. The exhibition does not strive to give a precise reconstruction of our childhoods: the artists and the poets bring to life “only” a few moments that were defining for them. For no one can ignore Lake Balaton, whether we are on Lake Balaton, in Lake Balaton, at Lake Balaton or on the shores of Lake Balaton, or now, with the arrival of fall and at the end of summer, back in our familiar environments.