Éva Köves

Pompidou, 1998, photo, installation


Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158.

7 July – 10 June 2019

Exhibited Artists

Zoltán ÁDÁM, Zsombor BARAKONYI, Róbert BÁCSI, András BRAUN, Imre BUKTA, Mariann CSÁKY, Lajos CSONTÓ, Imre DRÉGELY, Sári EMBER, Ágnes EPERJESI, Gábor GERHES, Gábor KEREKES, André Kertész, Csaba KIS RÓKA, Ádám KOKESCH, András KONCZ, Tamás KOMORÓCZKY, Éva KÖVES, Dóra MAURER, Judit MARJAI, Károly MINYÓ SZERT, László MOHOLY- NAGY, Ágnes Éva MOLNÁR, Martin Munkácsi, SOCIÉTÉ RÉALISTE, Lenke SZILÁGYI, Kamilla SZÍJ, Attila SZŰCS, Alexander TINEI, Péter UJHÁZI, Gyula VÁRNAI, János VETŐ, Dénes WäCHTER


16 May, 2019, 18:00

Opening speech:

Mónika Zsikla

Arcana Collection

In the past decade, numerous institutional exhibitions in Hungary offered insight into known and lesser known private collections of contemporary and classic art. The publications and interview series that appeared in conjunction with – or independently of – these exhibitions, have uncovered the “private stories” associated with these different collections, as well as their various strategies for expansion, their imagined and real influence on shaping the Hungarian art scene and art canon, and, last but not least, the personal preferences of the collectors themselves. The Arcana Collection is a continuously expanding private Hungarian art collection that was started in 2005. Its character has been made all the more enigmatic by the fact that its prominent pieces have remained unseen by close friends and the wider public alike.

The material – which has been slow to take shape in terms of both its profile and its orientation – can be divided, as per thematic and genre-based specifications, into two units that, at times, enter into dialogue with one another. The larger of these units focuses on the medium of photography, while the other concentrates on the oeuvres of prominent figurative and abstract artists from the middle generation of Hungarian contemporary art.

András Koncz

My Hands Are Burning , 1977, photo