inside express III. | ROUGH | Exhibition of ANDI SCHMIED and MARIA PRATTS

Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158.

10 August – 4 September 2016

Opening: 9 August 2016, (Tuesday), 6 pm

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with Balkon Contemporary Art Magazine. In 2016 the INSIDER Award, established by Balkon for members of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association who have been selected to appear in the inside express section of the magazine, was given to Andi Schmied, who will exhibit with Maria Pratts at the Budapest Gallery.

ROUGH is a special walk through an alternative city. Here nothing is made pleasant and nothing makes sense. Everything and everyone appears to be falling apart, yet the scene seems very liberating. ROUGH is a specific point of view of the universe that surrounds us, where all little details receive special attention and everything stands in its pure self. Tattooed legs dancing on the escalator, people searching for objects in a bush; here no one is ever pretending.

Maria Pratts works for the ULTRA multidiscipline with love and passion for Barcelona’s underground. Her work speaks of a world in dyscomposition. Andi Schmied works with the city and its alternative nature, showing hidden patterns by meticulously exploring places.

Maria and Andi have been in informal conversations for years; ROUGH is the first melding of their common views of the world. Their exhibition at the Budapest Gallery presents a work created jointly during an intensive ten-day period, as well as earlier, individual works by the artists.