Nóra Bozsó

Portrait, 2013, canvas, water-colour pencil, 40 × 40 cm

NÓRA BOZSÓ | “Eight may be a three from both directions.

Budapest Galéria

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158. | Ground Floor

4 June – April 26 2017


Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák

Tamás Török

Opening speech by:

György Várkonyi

art historian

The exhibition organized on the upper floor of the Budapest Gallery presents aquarelle and tempera paintings and three-dimensional works by Nóra Bozsó. Her compositions have an unfinished quality, and since she is an artist who is highly sensitive to variations in fabrics, the base on which she paints often plays a central role. She frequently uses unconventional materials and fabrics, such as kitchen towels, which she transforms, for example by stretching them onto oddly shaped wire frames. On the surfaces, which are frequently chafed and are covered with several thin layers of paint, fragments of a landscape, a human figure or a portrait emerge.

Her most recent works are creations of the medium itself: she weaves strips of adhesive paper tape into large stretched membranes, creating a grid-like composition. Between these individual squares slight differences in the gradations give the works a rhythm. Bozsó has a background in textile art, and her fondness for weaving and braiding may be due in part to the lack of hierarchy between the individual components. She is currently working on an installation which consists of clay hellions made with a mould found in the attic of her former residence. Her interest in incalculableness and chance is palpable in her “drawing” made with charcoal, which is fastened to a humming top, and the metal “printing plates” scratched with sandpaper. She is an artist of “the possible”.

Nóra Bozsó

Leonardoish, 2015, coal, canvas, wheel trim, pigment, glue, 35 × 36 cm