Journal intime

Exhibition of Márton Takáts

Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158. (1st floor)

21 January – 15 March 2022


Miklós Sulyok


20 January 2022, 5pm

Opening speech by:

János Sturcz

art historian

The French title of the exhibition of Márton Takáts, a painter who has began his career as a graphic artist can be translated as An Intimate Diary. Themes of his figurative painting have thematized the daily life, by picturesque exploiting the personal presence in the depicted locations. It seems that his goal is “an authentic re-creation of the formal language of figurative painting that has fallen on its fragments” as he has stated in his essay on Tibor Csernus the well-known Hungarian figurative painter who lived in Paris for forty years. Paintings in our exhibition offer today’s reinterpretation of outdoor, sunlight or plein air painting without idyll, in the tension of our today’s life.