Balázs Antal: Niche

III. Pacsirtamező utca 42-44.

VIII. Baross utca 96.

VIII. Rökk Szilárd utca 2.

22 September – 23 October 2023

Kiállító művészek:

Deák Anna, Sarfenstein Ditta, Szeli Kamilla

Projekt asszisztens:

Nemes Patrícia


Mucsi Emese, Plank Antal, Szabó Ádám

As structural elements of building facades, niches for statues have a centuries-old tradition in the history of architecture. This is no different in Budapest, where one can discover niches on several public institutions, tenement houses and villas throughout the city. With a few exceptions, these niches are now empty and in many cases never had any content to begin with.
The aim of the project is to fill the empty niches with works of art. The planned works are site-specific, that is, they are created specifically for a given location. The reinterpretation of the function of the niches and their being put to use will influence and shape both the image of the chosen district and the overall image of the street concerned. The works will reflect on the history, the past or present situation, and the former or current inhabitants of the neighbourhood or the building in question.
The participants of the project will install works in three niches across two districts of the city, which will be visible from the street. The artworks were selected by the organisers in the framework of a competition for students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as well as young emerging artists who have recently graduated from the university. According to the decision of the professional jury, the works of Anna Deák, Ditta Sarfenstein and Kamilla Szeli will evoke the former home of Mór Jókai and Róza Laborfalvi, the history of a pharmacist in the 8th district and the Blue Dying workshop in the 3rd district.

Photos: Ákos Keppel