Kristóf Kelemen, Tímea Török: Habitual Residence

Blaha Lujza Square, underpass

13-15 October 2023

Exhibiting artists:

Kristóf Kelemen, Tímea Török (Paralel Alkotócsoport)

Special thanks to

Szikra Movement, Alexandra Köves, Judit Gáspár

The voices of homeless people are rarely heard among the stories of the city. In their work, Kristóf Kelemen and Tímea Török highlight an extraordinary event that provides a positive example of how the housing crisis can receive attention on a national scale: on 28 November 1989, a new regulation forced people taking refuge in unused railway carriages in train stations out onto the streets. It was owing to their strike in the Blaha Lujza Square underpass and to their supporters that the foundation of Budapest’s homelessness service system was laid. The event was an example of both self-organisation and solidarity put into action, and as such, it deserves to have a prominent place in our collective memory.
The project’s creators will realise an ephemeral performative memorial at the site of the former demonstration, in the Blaha Lujza Square underpass, with people experiencing homelessness, as well as workers and activists from housing organisations. It is based on ideal visions of the future that are created together with the participants using the method of backcasting. It will be presented on three occasions: 13, 14 and 15 October. The event, which will take place over a one-hour timeframe, will draw attention to the fact that, alongside the apathy and exclusion often experienced, there is also a strong sense of solidarity and willingness to help in Hungarian society, and that bringing this to the fore can lead us closer to positive practices at community level.

Photos: Gabriella Csoszó