Luca Borsos, Márk Bartha: Dance the District

Dist. 9, Angyal street 4.

29 September 2023 6:00 PM

06 October 2023 6:00 PM

Exhibiting artists:

Luca Borsos, Márk Bartha


Art for Takeaway project, Közgazdasági Politechnikum Alternatív Gimnázium, ASS Budapest – Audio-visual artistic research lab

Why do we feel restricted in public spaces? How can dance help us get closer to urban space? What new ways of cognition are offered by community choreography? The latest version of Dance the District focuses on the public spaces and residents of the District 9. The four-stage process starts with research in the form of interviews, then Luca Borsos and Márk Bartha organise public space activities and workshops with students from the district’s secondary schools and with young adults who grew up in childcare or are disadvantaged situation, focusing on their relationship with the school’s neighbourhood. This will be followed by a public community dance performance that will provide an opportunity for the city dwellers to become not only users but also critical observers and shapers of the spaces that they use every day. The public dance is open to all and will allow local residents to experience their own environment from a different perspective through movement and dance, while the public will also be able to experience the free use of space. The project will conclude with an epilogue in the form of an audio walk, where the stories and sounds of the district as well as the students’ experiences will be made available in the form of audio recordings, which will remain accessible to the public for later.

Photos: Balázs Kristóf