inside express II. | Imagined Kinship | Exhibition of ORSOLYA BARNA and BENCE GYÖRGY PÁLINKÁS

Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158. | ground floor

19 September – 18 October 2015

Opening: 18 September 2015. (Friday) 6 pm

Opening speech by:

András A. Gergely

political anthropologist

We imagined what would happen if, for the sake of the advantages they would reap if they were to work together, multilingual and multinational groups of tribes were to accept one another as siblings. We present some of the stories of this cooperation.
Over the course of the past few months, we visited libraries, did research in search of family documents, discovered how a person can have two mothers, and visited the grave of a traitor.
It turns out that we must all cross a border in our thinking.

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with Balkon Contemporary Art Magazine.

Inside express, a supplement of Balkon Contemporary Art Magazine, introduces young artists from among the members of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association. The INSIDER Award, founded in 2014 for artists included in this supplement, was given this year to BENCE GYÖRGY PÁLINKÁS, who will exhibit with ORSOLYA BARNA at the Budapest Gallery.

Financial support was provided by: