More Light! Light Environments


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Essay by:

Endre Lehel Paksi


Gábor Andrási | Tamás Török | Ágnes Konkoly | Endre Lehel Paksi | Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák


Ferenc Eln | Ágnes Eperjesi | Mukiba


Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák

Copy editing:

Schmal Alexandra

Graphic Design:

Ferenc Eln


Dr. Péter Farbaky

director-general | Budapest History Museum

For the first time in Hungary, a large-scale exhibition centred on light-art was organized which in this case presented Hungarian examples of immersive light-art environments.

Light defines the environment, thus the exhibition places side by side cultural and artistic examples of presence brought to our awareness by light: the situations and representations that are created by natural and artificial interior and exterior lights, interior installations and exterior night architecture.

The exhibition More Light! presents a wide array of experiments by Hungarian artists in this global trend, compositions which hold their ground on the international level.

In the exhibition catalogue essay, Endre Lehel Paksi provides a historical background and a thorough analysis of Hungarian works of light art. The catalogue includes reproductions of all the artworks presented at the exhibition More Light!, as well as photos taken during special events organized in connection with the exhibition. Capitalizing on the advantages offered by the iBooks format, the exhibition’s time-based works of art can also be viewed.

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