GERGELY A. LELKES | Mystic Spring

Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158.

8 September – 9 October 2016


Miklós Sulyok

art historian


7 September 2016, (Wednesday) 4.30 pm

Opening speech by:

Viktor Horváth

author, literary translator

Gergely A. Lelkes

Dislodgement, 2014, oil, canvas, 56 × 110 cm

The paintings of Gergely A. Lelkes are rich with emotions and are often passionate works. They are the abstract documents of the soul that are simultaneously expressive and lyrical. This painterly world composed of organic forms (not lacking exalted emotions) affect the viewer with a sensual force. The continuous, powerful movement of these almost erotic, yet abstract sensual forms fills the entire picture surface, every corner of the painting.

Gergely A. Lelkes

Nocturnal Pilgrimage, 2012, egg tempera, oil, canvas, 90 × 80 cm

As a student of Sándor Molnár, Lelkes paints in a manner that consists of multiple layers of meaning, creating an intensive visual world. The public is invited to behold and explore this through the works presented at this exhibition.

„Eros and Agape: the non-conscious impulses, the rhythm of the realm of instincts. The breakthrough of the self, the upward and downward thrusting whiff of rapture. Erotic interferences of mystic experiences and the metaphysical analogies of the experiences of bodily love.”

Gergely A. Lelkes

Lelkes A Gergely

Gergely A. Lelkes

Inaccessibly Near, 2015-16, egg tempera, oil, canvas, 200 × 125 cm