Natura morta

Exhibition of works by sculptor Péter Gálhidy

Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158. (ground floor)

28 May – 11 July 2021


Miklós Sulyok

Graphic design:

Péter Csuth


27 May, 2021 5 pm

in the garden

Opening speech by:

Tibor iski Kocsis


Performance by:

Sámuel Kéri


As has been the case for a long time now, Péter Gálhidy remains preoccupied with connections between nature and material. He seeks not to imitate nature, but to capture the temporal processes of nature in sculpture. Changes of scale among natural, vegetal, and organic forms and their transformation into other materials calls the viewer’s attention, in an arresting manner, to the importance of slowing down and pondering in greater depth. The title of the exhibition, ‘still life,’ an art historical term the literal meaning of which is ‘dead nature,’ has become an issue of pressing urgency in our time. It no longer refers simply to a type of painting, but rather captures the ecological reality of the present moment. The intimate, respectful spirit with which Gálhidy approaches natural objects and forms may help stop the destruction of the endangered natural environment. Gálhidy has made the vulnerability and fragility of organic forms the subject of his sculptures, and he is now showing a preoccupation with the temporality of vegetal elements. At the Budapest Gallery exhibition, he transposes into the space the temporal process of vegetal elements passing away. His sculptural assemblages, which are composed of several objects, capture the processes of genesis, existence, decay, and survival.