ANDRÁS VÉGH | The Two Thousands

Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158.

8 May – 15 June 2014

Curator of the exhibition:

Ágnes Konkoly

András Végh on his paintings:
We strive to transform our gaze into thoughts, but the inexpressible must retain its strength!
My art is a line that is continuously being written, a line in which the visual morsels of life are the building blocks of my pictures.
In accordance with my inclinations and my vision, an expressively articulate irony and the lyrical grotesque are at work in my paintings.
The surprise that stems from spontaneity and controlled chance are its driving forces.
It is imagination that gives space and depth to my pictures.
My painterly approach is defined by everything that on an emotional and spiritual scale radiates humanity, beauty, harmony, and life-giving power, with an awareness of contemporary life.

Restless, forever innovative, exploring newer and newer territories, András Végh’s painting is an ongoing project: the oeuvre is enriched by new work all the time. Restless, fiery passion, exuberance and adventure are, however, losing some of their intensity as years go by. The artist sees to be aiming at a new synthesis. In some of his recent works passionate gestures are counterbalanced by quiet geometric shapes while elsewhere a firm grid structure or a delicate web of lines ensures disciplined composition and clear painterly order. In other words: the striving of Végh’s painting for subjectivity, novelty and uniqueness, its embodiment of a passionately personal quality constitute a permanently present aim. But this aim is not wholly exclusive. To a much more important extent, Végh’s artistic aspirations stem from his desire of achieving total artistic possession of the world and establishing a painterly order in chaos. András Végh knows it well that this aim can be fulfilled by mapping the minute details of our world, by exploring, appropriating and spiritualising various little worlds. He knows that he has no other duty except “to contemplate the beauty of the world and the undecipherable mystery of earthly phenomena” and to transform the objects of his contemplation into authentic images, into pictures that convince us and convey their full charge of fiery passion.

Translated by Ferenc Takács

Tibor Wehner: Painterly Order in Chaos. In: András Végh. Ed.: András Végh, Berta Mayer, Marcell Végh, T’Art Alapítvány, Budapest, 2008., pp. 45-46.