Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158.

10 October – 9 November 2014

Curator of the exhibition:

Ágnes Konkoly

Every month, Inside Express, a supplement of Balkon Contemporary Art Magazine, introduces two young artists from among the members of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association. The INSIDER Award, founded this year for artists included in this supplement, was first given to Viola Kaulics, Viktor Kótun and Csaba Szentesi.

Viola Kaulics is a fine art photographer. Her symbolic, pure visual world, her “portraits” of bodies and objects, reflects on inner and outer phenomena and psychological and social processes. The characters of her works are presented not from an individual perspective, but rather are lifted out of the context of personal interrelations and portrayed in an objective manner.

Viktor Kótun is a visual and performance artist who works in the media of collage and installation, among others. In the current exhibition, he presents his conceptual object-works, framed within his installation entitled Early Sketches for a Post-Neo-Avant-Garde Portrait Gallery # 1, which is based on a selection of works from the archive of the project Plagerism2000 by contemporary avant-garde artists that revolve around the subject of fire. The works are accompanied by digital portraits of the artists and other works by Viktor Kótun.

Csaba Szentesi is an artist who works in the media of painting, collage, installation and photography. He is drawn to reinterpretations of historical situations, sculptures in public spaces, historical monuments and found objects. The exhibition includes two installations by him: Untitled (dissociative design) connects industrial design of 1960s Hungary with Western, progressive trends. The installation entitled Tension/Movement displays poems on the gallery’s walls that reflect on the sculptures in public spaces in Hungary in the 1960s and 1970s. His project Not Dead, in the garden of the Budapest Gallery, visualizes the meeting place for a non-existent sub-culture.


The exhibition was organized in collaboration with Balkon Contemporary Art Magazine.

Financial support was provided by:

CAFe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival
National Cultural Fund