Miklos Gaál

Silhouettes, C-print series, 2014

Gaze of Thought

An exhibition of works by Miklos GAÁL and Tibor iSKI KOCSIS

Budapest Gallery

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158.

02 August – 10 September 2017

Participating artists:

Miklos GAÁL

(1974, Espoo, FN)


(1972, Kisvárda, HU)



Opening speech by:



Opening: 1 August 2017, (Tuesday) 5 pm

Open daily except Mondays, 10 pm to 6 pm.

The key question around which the art of Miklos Gaál and Tibor iski Kocsis revolves is the situation of reality and its relationship to representation, or, more precisely, the role of experience and perception in the artistic creation of reality. This exhibition offers a selection of the works of the two artists, presenting the answers they give to this question.

Miklos Gaál experiments with photography, video, and installation art as means with which to examine the interrelationships between the object depicted and the depiction itself, contemplating the elements of reality, which seem to have settled in an entirely incidental manner, as an outside observer. The situations and scenes which appear in his works present interconnections among elements of everyday life and the surroundings which guide the viewer to completely new and unusual interpretations, almost as if reframing familiar spectacles.

The essential problem of the art of Tibor iski Kocsis is similar to that of Gaál’s art. He deals with the interrelationships between the object and existence. Since his art is conceptual in its foundations, his works have an ideational background, though his carefully composed and boldly painted-sketched pictures never relinquish any of the expressive power of the sensual spectacle. The theme of the works, which are made using an array of techniques (oil-on-canvas paintings, pastel, charcoal and pencil drawings, screen prints, photography, offset prints), is nature as a reality without humans and yet created by humans. In his works on display in this exhibition, iski Kocsis is concerned with the depiction of the whole of nature, from outer space and the moon to the slenderest blade of grass. The exhibition installation reminds us that whatever detail of the natural world we happen to observe, whether living or lifeless, we are always observing a single whole, which always acquires its meaning from its relationship to the human.

Miklos Gaál

From A to S and back, video loop, 2012

Miklos Gaál

Soap, C- print, 2008

Miklos Gaál

Stratus Cumulus Cirrus Whatnot, animated video, 2017

Miklos Gaál

Stratus, Cumulus, animated video, 2017

The two artists present a series of works in which nature becomes a space for observation and contemplation. The joint exhibition, which consists of works of various media – photographs, paintings, drawings, videos and silk screen prints – was organized from a romantic avant-garde perspective, and it depicts everyday scenes. The manner of portrayal prompts reinterpretations of the scenes; the material of the art itself appears as part of nature.

In Gaál’s suggestive works the everyday motifs are transformed in a discrete yet surprising manner. What exactly are we seeing? He does not have a detached artistic subject matter divorced from reality. For him, the trivial – in the wider ideological sense – “transparent” landscapes, objects, details are what is interesting. He presents them to the viewer in a high resolution picture or video format. Gaál finds the points of perception where the unity of imagination and intuition are present demonstratively with traditional methods. He presents the subjective experience of everyday life – featuring ordinariness and commonplaces, and he sheds new light on them. His method is often in opposition to the traditional photographic attitude, i.e. to the photographs’ disassembling of the illusion of reality. Gaál plays with inexplicable things and draws attention to constant ambiguity.

The subject matter of the works of iski Kocsis is nature itself, its microcosms and macrocosms. He creates a possible human-centric contemporary diagnosis of the environment and draws attention to the relativity of visible reality. iski Kocsis interprets individual subjects of our comprehensive world view in various artistic media and often lays emphasis on them with the aid of the visual language of repetition and reflection, while also grasping the importance of changing viewpoints as he examines a subject with parallel depictions.

Miklos Gaál, Tibor iski Kocsis

Tibor iski Kocsis

Ferihegy, giclee print, 60 × 60 cm, 2014–2017

Tibor iski Kocsis

giclee print, 33,5 × 29,7 cm, 2017

Tibor iski Kocsis

giclee print, 33,5 × 29,7 cm, 2013–2017

Tibor iski Kocsis

Hármashatárhegy, giclee print, 60 × 60 cm, 2017

Tibor iski Kocsis

Artificial Nature, giclee print, 30 × 40 cm, 2017